As in the past, for the year 2023 we would like to share with you the recent or expected changes in VAT and GST regulations and compliance obligations across various countries. Thus, the first edition of the WTS Global VAT Newsletter 2023 covers the following topics:

Belgium significantly extends the timeframe for the statute of limitations in specific cases like the late or non-filing of VAT returns. In Italy, based on a decision of the Supreme Court, taxpayers should carefully observe as of when they are obliged to register for VAT purposes. The Netherlands is building up more clarity regarding the VAT treatment of essentially new constructions. Poland legislates regarding e-invoices and their implementation as of the year 2024.

Beyond Europe we can find the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia making several adaptations to their VAT landscape, especially concerning the continued roll-out of e-invoicing. Nigeria also revisited its VAT law, e.g. by tightening payment due dates and implementing anti-avoidance rules.l will be reduced. China proceeds with the roll-out of its e-invoicing regime and, last but not least, Switzerland is planning various changes to its VAT system not only as of 1 January 2023, but also indicating amendments for 2024.

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