We hope you may find interesting the latest version of the WTS Global Financial Services Newsletter presenting taxation related news from thirteen countries with a focus on the international Financial Services industry.

The following participants in the WTS Global network are contributing with a diverse range of FS tax topics, e.g. the possibility for non-resident investment funds to reclaim Belgian source tax (incl. WHT) in Belgium, the new recent Finnish case law considering the tax (WHT) exemption of foreign investment funds in Finland or the reference for preliminary ruling on Polish CIT exemption for self-managed foreign investment funds in Poland:

  • Austria – ICON
  • Belgium – Tiberghien
  • Denmark – Lundgrens
  • Finland – Castrén & Snellman
  • France – FIDAL Avocats
  • Germany – WTS Germany
  • India – WTS Dhruva Advisors
  • Italy – WTS R&A Studio Tributario
  • Philippines – BDB Law
  • Poland – WTS Saja
  • Portugal – Vieira de Almeida
  • Sweden – Svalner
  • United Kingdom – Hansuke

Thank you very much for your interest.

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